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Challenges of Distance Learning

Challenges of Distance Learning, Tips from SSAC parents

  • Make them go through the same morning process when they are staying home as when they are going to school.  Brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc.


  • Touch base with teachers.  By being a “behind the scenes” supporter of your student, they will have more confidence without feeling victimized.  


  • Share assignments / status through online learning system (Canvas/SchoolWork) – by doing this together it increases interest and understanding


  • Make a list of "House Rules" that everyone agrees to comply with during Remote Learning. Examples: No video games before school is out; Drink water; Put dishes in the dishwasher; Help your siblings if you can.


  • Print out Zoom passwords, schedule, IT tips (like how to force-quit the iPad), and post them near the student's learning space.


  • Periodically go through all assignments in Canvas/Schoolwork to make sure your student is on top of things. Print out the missing assignments list and work through the list one by one.


  • Enforce recess or a physical activity! Make your elementary schooler go run around outside every day at some point. Even secondary students need to get som excercise.


  • Let your child have fun - pajama day on Wednesdays; try to do some sort of special lunch once a week. Fun activities or themes help to break up the monotony of every day being the same.

Have more tips you want to share? Email the SSAC Committee!