• DHS Skip-a-Final, Positive Attendance Incentive

    • For the purpose of this incentive program, all absences (except official school activities, bereavement, and religious holidays of a student's own faith) count as an absence.
    • Students will be informed via the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester if the class is participating in Skip-a-Final.
    • Students taking courses for college credit may be required to take the Final Exam.
    • With teacher permission, qualifying students may choose to take the Final Exam as a means to raise (but not lower) their semester grade. 
    • The requirements:
      • If a student has an “A” and 3 absences or less in the class for the semester, they qualify to skip that final exam.
      • If a student has a “B” and 2 absences or less in the class for the semester, they qualify to skip that final exam.
      • 9-11th grade students may skip a maximum of 2 final exams.
      • Second-semester seniors may skip all final exams for which they qualify.
    • All end-of-semester study guides/projects must be completed, even if the student qualifies for Skip-a-Final. This may be an additional requirement for Skip-a-Final.
    • The Skip-a-Final form will become available on April 29th. The hard deadline for turning in the completed form is May 3rd, at 3:00PM. Grades and attendance will be confirmed May 3-6. Any absences or grade changes that occur after the May 3rd deadline may disqualify a student from participating. 
    • Edgenuity/Virtual courses are not eligible for this incentive. 


      AP Language and Composition No
      AP Literature and Composition No
      Honors English 9 No
      English 9 No
      Honors English 10 No
      English 10 No
      English 11 No
      English 12 No
      Creative Writing Yes
      AP Seminar No
      AP Research No
      Integrated Math 1 Yes
      Integrated Math 1 Support Yes
      Honors Integrated Math 1 Yes
      Integrated Math 2 Yes
      Integrated Math 2 Support Yes
      Honors Integrated Math 2 Yes
      Integrated Math 3 Yes
      Integrated Math 3 Support Yes
      Pre-Calculus Yes*
      AP Calculus AB Yes*
      AP Calculus BC Yes*
      Intermediate Algebra Yes
      College Algebra Yes*
      AP Statistics Yes*
      Biology No
      Honors Biology No
      Chemistry Yes
      Honors Chemistry No
      Physical Science Yes
      Physics Yes
      AP Physics No
      AP Chemistry No
      KNAT Yes
      Anatomy & Physiology No
      AP Biology Yes
      AP Environmental Science No
    Social Studies    
      Civics Yes
      Honors Civics Yes
      World History Yes
      Psychology Yes
      AP Psychology Yes
      US History Yes
      AP US History Yes
      AP European History Yes
      Political Participation Yes
      Constitutional Law Yes
      AP Government Yes
      AP Music Theory No
      Concert Band Yes
      Symphonic Band Yes
      Wind Ensemble Yes
      History of Rock Yes
      Choir Foundations Yes
      Piano No
      Wildcat Chorale Yes
      Voce Yes
      Art 1 No
      Art 2 No
      Jazz Band Yes
      Applied Instrumental Music Yes
      Stagecraft No
      Drama Yes
      Adv. Drama No
      Rep. Theatre No
      Forensics No
      Adv. Forensics No
      Communication Yes
      AP Studio Art No
      Painting No
      Adv. Painting No
      Drawing Yes
      Adv. Drawing Yes
      Sculpture Yes
      Adv. Sculpture Yes
      AP Computer Science Principles No
      Accounting Yes
      Adv. Accounting Yes
      Consumer Personal Finance Yes
      Sports & Entertainment Marketing Yes
      Family Studies Yes
      Career and Life Yes
      Human Growth Yes
      Nutrition and Wellness Yes
      Culinary Essentials Yes
      Leadership in Action Yes
      Teaching as a Career No
      Teaching Internship No
      Residential Carp 2 Yes
      Residential Carp 1 Yes
      Woodworking Yes
      Computer Graphics Yes
      Web page Design No
      Video Production Yes
      Broadcasting Yes
      Newspaper Yes
      Yearbook Yes
      Photo Imaging Yes
      Marketing No
      Marketing Applications No
      Engineering Design No
      POAE Yes
      Drafting Yes
      R & D Construction Design Yes
    World Lang    
      Spanish 1 No
      Spanish 2 Yes
      Spanish 3 No
      Spanish 4 No
      Heritage Spanish Yes
      AP Spanish Language and Composition No
      French 1 Yes
      French 2 Yes
      French 3 No
      French 4 No
      9th Grade PE Yes
      Health No
      Adv. Strength Yes
      Strength Yes
      Cardio Yes
      Lifetime Yes
      Team Sports TBD
      AVID 9 Yes
      AVID 10 Yes
      AVID 11 Yes
      AVID 12 Yes
      ACT Prep No
      Peer Interactions Yes
      Reconnecting Youth Yes
      Study Skills Yes
      Strategic Learning Yes
      Career and Prevocation Interactions No

    *Check with the Teacher for details