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What Teachers Are Saying

  •  “What if we tried...?”
    This is the necessary question that begins innovative thinking and creates powerful learning opportunities for our students.  But an educational culture in which this type of thinking and doing thrives requires support through partnerships, as well as funding. What an exciting time to be a teacher in a community that understands and supports these types  of necessary experiences!  Thank you USD232 Education Foundation for supporting us to dream and create ideas that allow our students to reach their full potential.

    Jeri Powers Jeri Powers | Reading Specialist | Prairie Ridge Elementary | 2008 Kansas Teacher of the Year


  •  “I have seen great work that educational foundations have done in other districts around the state. Often these foundations provide funding to launch innovative programs or enriching experiences that would be otherwise unavailable.”

    Megan Clark Megan Clark | Art Teacher | Clear Creek Elementary | 2019 Kansas Teacher of the Year Finalist


  • "A USD 232 Educational Foundation would provide an additional, yet necessary network of physical and human resources to foster success for our students in our ever-changing, multi-faceted world. Integrating business and community leaders into the educational platform will only strengthen our future business and community leaders. The schools in our communities will become our communities’ schools as we all work together on innovative learning opportunities for students of all ages.”

    Donna Rhodes Donna Rhodes | English Language Arts | De Soto High School | 2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist 


  •  “While I was on the 2018 Kansas Teacher of the Year team, I had the opportunity to see many innovative projects and programs in Kansas school districts.  A USD 232 Education Foundation will improve education opportunities for USD 232 programs and students by providing materials for innovation.  It’s an exciting time to teach in USD 232, and I am very proud of our school community for establishing a foundation for our students.”

    Jennifer Donovan Jennifer Donovan | Music Teacher | Clear Creek Elementary School | 2018 Kansas Teacher of the Year Finalist


  •  "I've been teaching visual art at De Soto High School for nearly 20 years. Although I've had numerous career opportunities present themselves during my tenure here, I've never been tempted to leave USD232. I often ask myself, "Why?" The answer is simple. It's the quality of students I have the privilege to work with and the support for the Arts in our district. Our administration understands that the Arts provide a platform for creative problem-solving which is one of the most sought after skills of our time.

    Tim Mispagel Tim Mispagel | Visual Arts Department Chair | De Soto High School | 2005 Kansas Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist


  • “I would say any link between schools and the community (parents/families and other community members) is a win win for everyone. The more we partner with each other the more impact we will have on our students and their learning. Teachers that are supported are more likely to stay and invest their time and energy in to teaching children.”

    Allison Nelson Allison Nelson | Reading Specialist | Clear Creek Elementary | 2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee


  • “Through my participation as the 2018 Kansas Teacher of the Year for our district at the secondary level, I was given the opportunity to travel to many of our surrounding districts and learn of the great things they are doing.  One of the things I saw firsthand was the power that an Educational Foundation can have on a district and the students who reside within it.  On my tours of other districts, I witnessed students learning in more hands-on ways, that would not have been possible without the support of businesses and community members.  Teachers who have received grants from their Education Foundation were able to purchase resources to engage and excite students about learning in ways not otherwise possible.  School were also able to provide sensory resources for all students to have a more comfortable learning environment. Thank you for your support of the USD 232 Education Foundation!”

     Jill Norman Jill Norman | Special Education Teacher | Mill Valley High School | 2018 Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee


  • “The education of our state’s students creates hope for a better tomorrow.  The formation of an educational foundation, designed to support students and classroom teachers, helps magnify that hope. 
    The educational activities that take place because of this foundation inspire our students to find the genius hidden inside each of them. 
    This literally changes our world.”

    Keil Hileman Keil Hileman | Museum Connections | Monticello Trails Middle School | 2004 Kansas Teacher of the Year     


  • “We have so many talented teachers with innovative ideas to improve our students' educational experience, and sometimes it just takes that extra support a foundation can provide to put those ideas into practice in our classrooms.”

    Jeff Wieland Jeff Wieland | Social Studies Teacher | Mill Valley High School | 2011 Kansas Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist


  • “An educational foundation would create valuable opportunities for our students and educators of this school district. The relationship between the community members of our district and the staff of our district has always been a supportive one that values what the other is doing. As a community member and a teacher in this district, I would love to be able to help foster that relationship even more through the vision of the education foundation.”

    Holly Schreiber Holly Schreiber | 3rd Grade Teacher | Belmont Elementary | 2011 Kansas Teacher of the Year Finalist


  •  “An educational foundation would be extremely beneficial to the students and staff of USD 232.  Additional funding, through grants, would provide extended learning opportunities where students could become better prepared for the future by collaborating with community businesses.  Building these partnerships and providing additional resources would enhance the daily learning and enrich the educational experiences for students of all ages and interests.”  

    Tana Byers Tana Byers | Reading Specialist | Starside Elementary | 2006 Kansas Teacher of the Year Finalist