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The Bridge Program

  • The Bridge supports the continued development of special education students with cognitive disabilites ages 18-21 who remain in the school system.  This program provides students with the opportunity to obtain further employability and life skills and enables them to function effectively and independently in the adult community.  Students participate in graduation ceremonies with their class but receive a Certificate of Attendance until their completion of The Bridge program, at which time they will receive their signed diploma.
    Each student's community-based curriculum will be developed based on the use of various transition assessments.  Related service providers will work with the teacher, paraprofessionals and the Bridge administrator to incorporate services into the student's day-to-day programming.  Periodic related service evaluations of students will occur to assure growth in functional skills, physical/motor developent and pragmatic communication.

Student Information

  • These expectations are designed to simulate a work environment with support from The Bridge staff.

    • Students will work designated jobs in the community and at The Bridge.
    • Students will receive Bridge bucks to purchase incentive items (i.e. TV time, movie, going for walk, time on cell phone, etc.)
    • Students will participate in activities with The Bridge staff and students. (i.e. CNN Studet news, morning meetings, picnics, etc.)
    • Students will demonstrate good citizenship in the community and at The Bridge.
    • Students will use their personal cell phones during break time and/or free time.
    • Students will have personal cell phones locked away/put away during work time in the community and at The Bridge.
    • Students will have an opportunity to purchase a lunch at JCCC one time a month.
    • Students will participate in nutrition lessons and nutrition will be reviewed before grocery store visits.


Social Development

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    Students will have age appropriate Personal Interaction Skills.

    • Provide information of upcoming events in the community to help facilitate personal relationships/social interactions.
    • Encouragment in the process of planning personal events, parties and social gatherings. 

Community Participation

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    Students will receive instruction and experiences related to their community.  The students will explore and participate in their community with support from the Bridge staff.  Skills taught will be:

    • Budgeting
    • Shopping
    • Eating out
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Recreation/Leisure

Independent Living Skills

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    Instruction in this domain will occur through a simulated apartment living experience.  Skills directly taught will be:

    • Food Planning and Preparation
    • Housekeeping
    • Laundry
    • Self-Care
    • Shopping

Employability Skills

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    Skill training will occur in actual businesses or industries which are likely to employ students with cognitive disabilities.  Upon completion of the Bridge program, students wil be awarded an Employability Skills Certificate which lists skills the student has mastered.  The skills taught will be:

    • Community Classroom
    • Job Development Skills
    • Job Seeking Skills
    • Maintaining Employment Skills

Specific Skill Development

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    Students will be encouraged to attend post-secondary classes in order to experience the same order of academic/personal progression as their same-aged peers.  Staff will work with students to determine appropriate classes and provide the support the student would need to develop the skills.  Students would be expected to pay any tuition costs for enrolling in skills training classes.

    Johnson County CLEAR Classes (CLEAR--College Learning Experience, Activities and Resources)

    • CLEAR provides a full range of classes each semester based on student input.  The social integration of the CLEAR students and other JCCC students will continue to provide a valuable learning experience for everyone. 
    • A variety of classes are taught each semester ranging from basic skills, physical conditioning and arts and crafts to enrichment and practical living skills. 
    • All classes are held on the JCCC campus.  Two seven-week sessions of classes are offered on Saturdays each spring and fall semester.